Raffle Guidelines

Friendswood High School Parent Teacher Organization (FHS PTO) can host one raffle in the fall and one raffle in the spring. Per state law, an organization can host two raffles per calendar year, but the raffles cannot run concurrently.

FHS PTO will not purchase prizes for the raffles. The prizes must be donated to FHS PTO in accordance with 501(c) state guidelines. We must have possession of the prizes prior to the beginning sale of the raffle tickets. As per state law, all prizes are acceptable except monetary. There is no value limit on prizes donated to FHS PTO as a 501(c).

The raffle may not be advertised state wide or through paid advertisement as per state law. Everyone involved in the sale of the raffle tickets must be FHS PTO members because we are the 501(c).

As per state law, money collected for the raffle must be kept separate from money collected from the organization’s other sales. All checks for raffle tickets will be made payable to:  FHS PTO.

A raffle committee will be created as a subcommittee under the FHS PTO fundraising committee. At the end of the raffle the raffle committee will report to the fundraising committee the number of tickets sold, a record of the checks collected, and the amount of cash received. FHS PTO will gift 90% of the raffle profit to the chosen organization. FHS PTO will retain 10% donation of the raffle earnings after expenses.

Proposal for Raffle 

All raffle proposals are to be submitted to the FHS PTO fundraising committee for preliminary approval. The fundraising committee will then present proposals that are deemed acceptable to the FHS PTO board for approval not less than 60 days prior to the start date of the proposed raffle. FHS PTO board must approve a raffle by a majority vote. FHS PTO reserves the right to refuse an organization.

All proposals for raffle must contain the following information:

  • Proof that the organizations members who will be selling tickets are members of FHS PTO
  • The name of the FHS faculty sponsor for the club/class
  • The name of their participating FHS PTO parent sponsor. Participating FHS PTO parent sponsor shall be defined as someone who attends PTO meetings regularly (6 meetings or more per school calendar) and participates as a member of the fundraising committee.
  • The names of the club/class parents who will be serving on the raffle committee.
  • The raffle will be limited to a 30-day period (from start to end of ticket sales)
  • A draft of the raffle ticket with all the required information as stated in the Raffle Ticket section of this document.
  • A list of prizes to be raffled
  • Provide the potential prize donor information
  • Provide the number of raffle tickets to be sold
  • Provide the ticket price

Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets must provide on each ticket:

    702 Greenbriar Ave.
    Friendswood, Texas 77546
  • The name of a FHS PTO officer and sponsor for class or club
  • The price of the ticket
  • The general description of each prize to be awarded that has a value over $10
  • Drawing date (can be added after approved proposal)

Please refer to the following for a sample ticket:

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