To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school and community.
To bring into closer relation the home, the school and the community;
that they may cooperate intelligently in the optimum development of each student.
To facilitate communication between students, teachers and parents/guardians.


Our PTO works hand in hand with our High School and all the schools in our district to help, reward, praise and encourage both students and staff.

Here are a few examples of what we do:

We offer student scholarships:
PTO Student Scholarships
PTO Future Educators Scholarships

We raise funds to help our high school and our students:
Sonic Thursdays fundraiser
Athletic parking spot fundraiser
Student parking spot fundraiser
Spirit store
Mustang Cares- help our students and staff in need

We thank and reward our great staff:
Faculty scholarships
Back-to-school faculty breakfast
Monthly faculty birthday celebration
Christmas luncheon
End-of-year FHS luncheon
Basket for end-of-year district luncheon
Encourage faculty participation and suggestions
FISD Maintenance luncheon
FISD Custodial Christmas dinner

We praise our amazing students:
Host Academic Banquet
Behind the Scenes Award

We participate in our school life:
Hospitality table for Science Fair judges
Gifts for Distinguished Alumni weekend
Volunteer & Hospitality table for new students registrations
Registration packet assembly
Graduation program preparations

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