Friendswood High School PTO

Where Champions Walk the Halls

What PTO Does

Our PTO works hand in hand with our High School and all the schools in our district to help, reward, praise and encourage both students and staff.

Here are a few examples of what we do:We offer student scholarships:
PTO Student Scholarships
PTO Future Educators Scholarships

We raise funds to help our high school and our students:
Sonic Thursdays fundraiser
Athletic parking spot fundraiser
Student parking spot fundraiser
Spirit store
Mustang Cares- help our students and staff in need

We thank and reward our great staff:
Faculty scholarships
Back-to-school faculty breakfast
Monthly faculty birthday celebration
Christmas luncheon
End-of-year FHS luncheon
Basket for end-of-year district luncheon
Encourage faculty participation and suggestions
FISD Maintenance luncheon
FISD Custodial Christmas dinner

We praise our amazing students:
Host Academic Banquet
Behind the Scenes Award

We participate in our school life:
Hospitality table for Science Fair judges
Gifts for Distinguished Alumni weekend
Volunteer & Hospitality table for new students registrations
Registration packet assembly
Graduation program preparations